All cards are printed with either a UV gloss coating or dull/matte finish. If using the back side for appointment cards we recomend not ordering UV gloss on the back side. Please activate the gloss front only button.

Order today and receive a custom design from our award winning design department. Remember all designs come with unlimited revisions. Simply click on "custom" design" sketch your design and we will turn it into something amazing. Need assistance right away? No problem, call us today.


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Product Overview

Increase your brand’s visibility with folded business cards printing from Stigler Printing.

Folded business cards, also known as tent cards, are used in varied ways as an effective advertising tool. Using twice as much space as traditional business cards, folded cards are used for list schedules, additional services, discounts, appointment information, gift coupons, locations and much more. 
At Stigler Printing, we offer superior quality folded business card printing available on multiple, premium paper stock and in various sizes. Folded business cards can also be designed vertically or horizontally, as per requirements. Choose from our pre-designed templates or upload your custom design.
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High quality card stock
  • Affordable rates
Start your folded business card printing at Stigler Printing today and give versatility to your brands by adding more content while maintaining standard sizes.

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